Providing Propane, Diesel, Gasoline, Lubricants and other fuels to Power America’s Homes and Businesses

Propane Distribution, Transportation, Marketing and Storage

Meritum Energy is a limited partnership that owns and operates fuel, propane, lubricant and other NGL distribution assets throughout the southern United States. Our network of outstanding professionals, trucks and strategically located storage assets, in addition to our years of experience and relationships in the industry, allows us to be a full service, one stop fuel distributor. In addition to our retail fuel distribution capabilities, Meritum provides wholesale fuel solutions through our extensive supplier relationships, pipeline shipper status and rail terminal capabilities.

Formed in 2015, Meritum is a well-capitalized, growth-oriented company. Through numerous acquisitions as well as organic “greenfield” growth initiatives, Meritum is focused on continued strategic growth in related energy distribution assets.

What does Meritum mean? Meritum is Latin for service and value. Our mission is to provide outstanding value, service, safety and support to all of our customers. As a nimble, closely controlled partnership, in addition to providing great service to our customers, we are also able to work with them to creatively find unique solutions to our customer’s needs.

meritum n (genitive meritī);

1. merit, service

2. value, reward, benefit, kindness


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