Selling Your Fueling Company

Your Business is in Good Hands with Meritum Energy Holdings

Over the years, you have invested more than money in your propane business.

selling company

You invested time, working long days, weekends, and holidays to take care of your customers and your business. You invested your trust in valued employees and worked hard to make sure they were taken care of.

And you’ve also invested your reputation, knowing that it would be impacted by your efforts and those of your employees.

Now is the time to realize the rewards of your investments, Meritum Energy is a trusted option you can be confident with. This is a critical decision, not only for yourself, but for the business you built and the employees and customers you value.

Meritum Energy has acquired and integrated numerous companies since 2015. We have a reputation for doing what we say we will do, both before and after the acquisition, paying fair valuations and treating employees and customers respectfully throughout the entire process.

Learn more about selling your propane business today.

We believe the acquisition process is just the beginning. A smooth integration following the close of the acquisition is just as important to the ongoing success of the business.
—Christopher P. Hill, President and CEO

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