Mergers and Acquisitions

Confidential Guidance You Can Trust

Selling your propane business is not an easy decision to make. We understand that.

You want to make the best deal for yourself. But you also want to ensure that your employees are treated right, that the good reputation you have built over the years will be valued and that you and whoever you sell it to are in sync with values and future objectives.

At Meritum, we take propane business acquisition seriously. Our team has decades of knowledge and experience that we put to work for you through the entire process, from initial contact to closing the deal. There are few deal issues or challenges we haven’t encountered. You gain the benefits of this experience throughout the transaction and especially if an unexpected roadblock arises.

Taking Those First Steps

To achieve your goals for the sale of your business, you need to do some preparation before your business is on the market. This work takes months and lays the foundation for a successful, easier sale.

1. Review Company Records. Anyone who is serious about acquiring your business will want to thoroughly examine your records. Make sure you have everything and that it is in good order and well organized.
2. Take Care of Your Tank Operation. First, stop selling propane tanks and focus on tank leasing. This provides an attractive revenue stream for prospective buyers. Make sure as many of your tank agreements as possible are signed.
3. Focus on Revenue and Expenses. Sit down with your accountant and other members of your team to thoroughly review your revenue and expenses and discuss options for making improvements while keeping expenses under control.
4. Decide Your Future. Some sellers want to stay involved in the business in some capacity, others want to move on or retire. Reflect on what you want to do.

Commitment to Your Success

salesWith our knowledgeable, experienced leadership, Meritum will partner with you to make the sale work.

If you have a propane business for sale, or are considering the option to sell your company, contact Meritum Energy Holdings for an honest, transparent discussion.