Retail Distribution

Efficient Product Distribution Across the Country

Residential and Commercial Solutions

Meritum Energy operates in much of the Southern United States to the East Coast. Our operations provide a wide range of propane, fuel, lubricants, equipment, and other services.

Residential Services

Our residential services include propane and heating oil delivery, tanks sales and leasing, HVAC and home comfort equipment installation and service. With personalized local services like automatic delivery and wireless tank monitoring, we meet our customers’ needs while maximizing the efficient use of our assets and consistently improving the customer experience.

Commercial Services

Meritum services many types of industries with operations of all sizes.

Many of our commercial customers rely on our services for all their energy needs. Because of our large service area, we are broad enough to service these customers in many different markets with a vast product offering.

Services we provide include:

  • Bulk delivery of propane, diesel and other fuels and lubricants on a customized delivery schedule
  • Power generation
  • Temporary heat solutions
  • Propane tank installation

Our local companies work closely with their construction clients to meet their needs whether for a single home or an entire community development.


Agricultural Endeavors

So many of the areas we serve have economies with a large agricultural presence. We work with both large and small farms providing products in many of the markets we serve.

Propane provides our agriculture customers a clean-burning, reliable fuel source for s heating buildings and greenhouses, operating irrigation equipment, crop drying and power generation. In addition, propane-fueled weed burning is safer for workers and the environment while reducing downtime compared with using chemical herbicides.

We also provide our agriculture customers with fuels and lubricants to meet their demands.

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Industrial Solutions

We provide a unique, customizable propane and fuel solution for a wide range of industrial customers. These customers often require 24/7 services that our staff is prepared to handle. Included are:

  • Fuel and equipment services for refineries and oilfields
  • Backup energy equipment installation
  • Bulk delivery of on- and off-road diesel, and other fuels and lubricants
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