Environmental Social Governance

Optimizing Our Practices and Performance

At Meritum Energy Holdings, our bottom line is about more than just dollars and cents.

We are committed to not only providing value to our customers while making a profit, but also being the best corporate citizens that we can be. To that end, we use Environmental Social Governance as our guide.


What is Environmental Social Governance?

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) refers to the three central factors that are used in measuring a business’s future performance.

Meritum uses these standards as goals to continue to grow our company in a way that best serves our customers, employees and the communities where our operations are located.

We have an opportunity to make a material positive impact in the areas we operate both now and in the future. Due to the number of customers that we work with, the type of products we distribute, the methods which we distribute and move products and the customers we service, we can truly make a difference.

Here is how we apply each factor of Environmental Social Governance:


Meritum promotes environmentally responsible solutions through our current business offerings and operations, as well as through the solutions we provide to our customers every day. Our focus on reducing climate impact includes using remote wireless tank monitoring to streamline our deliveries and reduce emissions and fuel consumption. We’re replacing our older diesel fleet trucks and vehicles with an eye on fuel efficiency and reduced emissions and using clean-burning propane autogas vehicles at every opportunity.

Our products also reflect environmental forward thinking. Increasing use of propane in homes and businesses creates more efficient energy usage for heating, water heating, and more. Converting customers from diesel generators to propane reduces emissions of C02 and particulate matter. We are also leading the way in helping businesses convert their fleet vehicles and equipment to propane autogas.

The commitment we have to sustainability is future-focused. We are also focused on the development of assets and technologies that will provide access to renewable and sustainable energy to customers of all types including urban, suburban, and rural, as well as all income and socioeconomic levels.


At Meritum, we take our role as corporate citizens seriously in all the communities we serve.

We are involved in community service in all the places we serve, helping food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting local organizations and benefit events. We use our assets to support disaster relief in areas of need when and where they need it most.

Safety is essential to our social responsibility, and we take a holistic approach. It starts with our internal infrastructure: Our team, assets, and fleet. We make sure that everyone at Meritum has been trained in the latest safety best practices. We have in place safety and incident protocols as well as tracking that enables rapid notification and decision-making. Our safety standards, training and practices are regularly reviewed and adjusted.

Our social responsibility extends to our employees. We pay our employees competitive wages and offer extensive benefits and opportunities for professional training and development. Our decentralized management philosophy allows us to be more responsive and nimble, while encouraging growth and individual responsibility at all levels of the company.

We believe in diversity in hiring, workplace environment and customer service, and do not discriminate when it comes to employees or customers. We are committed to reliability, fairness, honesty and transparency in our communications, products, and services for our employees and customers.



While Meritum is a privately held company, we have always taken a disciplined and structured approach to our governance.

This approach includes:

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