Our History and Culture

Leaders in the Energy Industry

Meritum Energy started small. But through hard work, numerous strategic acquisitions, organic “greenfield” growth initiatives, effectively invested growth capital and a dedicated focus on continued growth, we have grown to become one of the premier energy delivery companies that exist today. Since Christopher Hill and Robert Chalmers founded Meritum in 2015, the company has continued to be guided by the mission and vision they laid as the foundation for the business.

As active participants in local, state, and national industry organizations and associations (Mr. Chalmers is a former Chairman of PERC) we are positioned to help shape the future of our industry.


The Meritum Company Objective

  1. To operate Safely, Honestly and Profitably
  2. To Communicate the good and the bad as thoroughly as possible
  3. To explain Why we do what we do
  4. To provide Transparency to our employees and our customers
  5. To Empower and Support our business leaders to create a culture of entrepreneurial business owners
  6. To be an organization that is Efficient, Nimble, Diversified and Growth Oriented
  7. To stay Local in each of our markets
  8. To provide a corporate function that is there for Support not dictatorship
  9. To remember: It’s All About the People!

Our Path Forward


As Meritum has grown over the years, and in our continued growth, our approach remains unwavering. We partner with customers, companies and team members where we are confident that we can make a significant, positive impact.

Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the experiences and needs of our clients and just how critical the work we do is to them. Our team takes pride in the value we create through the results we deliver. As a team, we will always subscribe to values that make a difference in our relationships and the quality of our representation.

We are continuing to build a company that is strong, well-managed, fast-growing, exciting, and innovative with meaningful relationships, high standards and ethics and an elite reputation—a place that offers great opportunities where people are proud to work.

Contact us to learn more about what Meritum can do for your business.