What We Do

The Meritum Energy Difference

Industry Leading Expertise

Since forming Meritum Energy in 2015, we have expanded and diversified to become a leader in the energy industry.

Our growth is exemplified by the broad geographic region we cover, wide range of products and services we offer, and the unique ability to provide exceptional service and provide a “one-stop shop” for customers who operate in different parts of the county and require a range of energy products.


Retail Distribution
Throughout our operations Meritum has a diverse product offering, including a product range that encompasses propane, fuels, and lubricants.

creative energy solutions

Product Offerings
While many of our operations have propane as a main product offering, we have a reliable supply of a wide range of fuels, oils, lubricants and more to meet the diverse needs of our large service area.


Mergers and Acquisitions
Those looking to sell their propane business will find the insights, support, honesty, transparency, and commitment to quality they seek when they sell to Meritum.

wholesale supply

Creative Energy Solutions
Meritum thinks outside-the-box to develop creative energy solutions for new or challenging needs. While we focus on our core business every day, our company structure, adaptability, and entrepreneurial spirit allow us to be capable of addressing market and customer needs that require creative solutions within a tight timeline.


Community Engagement
Meritum’s commitment to service isn’t confined to our business dealings. Our companies are also active in their communities, from supporting police benefits, to providing financial support to a locals schools, food banks, and youth activities.


Our leadership team has decades of experience in the propane industry, and utilizes the knowledge and insights gained to provide our customers and employees the solutions needed for success.

Contact us to learn more about Meritum’s line of products and available services for your business.